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Finals Survival June 15, 2012

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I’m DONEEEEEE!!!! I think I was probably the last person in the world to finish finals (an o.chem final on a Friday from 4-7 is DEFINITELY not ideal), but I’m just glad to finally be FREEEEE.

I’ve been a little MIA from the blog world and my Google Reader is out of control.  I have some maaajor catching up to do (hopefully with some fruity beverage in hand while laying in my backyard.)  But in the past week my life has been consumed with studying, eating, sleeping, and working out.  In that order.  But truly, during finals “season” as I like to call it, I always try my best to make and effort to be as balanced as possible.  For me, that means not studying for hours upon hours straight.  I try to break up my studying as best as I can with meals, workouts, walks, snacks, Starbucks runs, and even an occasional afternoon just sitting outside.

So here are my tips on how to survive finals

1. Find a good study spot

I love the atmosphere of Starbucks, something about the smooth music, smell of coffee, and free refills (oh yes Goldmember!) make it such an enticing place to study.  But Starbucks around college campuses do tend to get crowded around finals so I like to find to other places….

….discover new places with huge windows with great view.

and when that view is just too good,

take it outside!

2.  Eat healthy meals filled with greens, lean protein, and complex carbs

3.  Exercise.  I absolutely LOVE getting workouts in during finals week.  Getting up and moving your body around is such a nice release and clears your head so you can study better.  Even if it is just a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical or a light jog outside, it all helps.

My Workouts



M-4 miles outside 33:53 + 20 minutes elliptical

T-60 minutes elliptical + Physical Therapy

W-4 miles Treadmill 34:15 + 30 minutes elliptical

T-50 minutes elliptical + PT exercises + quick upper body weights

F-CELEBRATE aka my brain is so dead to even think of a workout

Don’t  forget to foam roll #hurtssobadbutfeelssogood

4. Hydrate.  Like no other.

5.  Pack good snacks for those long study sessions.

6.  And enjoy the ride….

hang out with friends, eat way too much chips and guac, and sit in a field of flowers and embrace the craziness.  Because soon enough it will all end and friends will be graduating to move onto bigger and better things.

But for now, its time to celebrate! Everyone is done with finals and the commencement shenanigens will commence haha.  SUMMER….I have been waiting so long, and now its finally here!


2 Responses to “Finals Survival”

  1. Kailey Says:

    congrats on being done with classes girl! thats awesome :)
    Exercise is a MUST for me during finals otherwise I am a stress ball

  2. Congrats on finishing the semester! I do not miss chemistry finals. :)


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