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What I Ate Wednesday: 7/17/2012 July 17, 2012

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Hello there!!! I haven’t done a WIAW post in a while because my meals truly have not been that interesting + I have been slacking at taking pictures.  But I really missed taking pictures of [almost] everything I eat throughout the day!  I also think it is really cool to go back through photos and see how you food habits change, but I’m a nerd, and probably the only one who finds that fascinating :)

Anywho, thanks again to Jenn for hosting this awesome blogger link up!


homemade bread + PB + TJs Honey Apply Butter + Banana. Coffee.  Literally I think I eat this every day.  I think I might be in a food rut…

Pre-workout Snack

Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bar.  I’m not gonna lie I thought this bar had a bit of a weird taste.  I think there are MANY other Peanut Butter Bars out their that are much better. It didn’t really have a huge peanut butter taste which was a disappointment, so I think I will stick to my beloved Luna, Kashi, and Larabars.


Excuse the less than stellar iPhone pictures and my attractive reflection…but my workout today was 5 miles in 43:01 minutes (that darn :01 is going to bother me forever!)  For some reason I have been loving running on the treadmill lately??? I know its weird, I usually prefer long runs on the beach with a nice ocean breeze…who am I these days?


Ham + Swiss on a French Roll I picked up from a little store on campus.  I wanted my fav, the chicken pesto with roasted veggies on ciabatta, but they were all out and I was going to be late to class.  Oh well, it did the job.


Justin’s Maple Almond Butter + banana + 2 of Jamie Eason’s Carrot Cake Bars.  I’ve been loving these bars smothered in almond butter.  They are the perfect thing to get me through my afternoon shift!


Finally made it home!!!! And I was looking forward to some seriously Clean Eats.

spinach + sautéed broccoli + carrots + mushroom + egg + lemon pepper goat cheese (farmers market!) + sweet potato

Bedtime Snack

Yogurt Bowl of berries + greek yogurt + banana + multigrain puffins & O’s + sunbutter + coconut

Because sometimes you just can’t make it to the morning without another little snack :)


14 Responses to “What I Ate Wednesday: 7/17/2012”

  1. I love having a snack later at night now to tide me over till the morning, sometimes your body just needs that little bit extra. :D

  2. Almond butteris so awesome! I love Justin’s,but right now,I’d die for any brand actually… If it only wasn’t so darn expensive here in germany! ;(

    • Theresa Says:

      ahhh Justin please lower your prices! I have never seen the big jars on sale, but I can snag the packets for $0.50 sometimes. And they are so convenient for on-the-go-snacks

  3. That is one awesome snack, and you’re right…it’s hard to wait until the morning! I need to get shredded coconut to top my eats, that looks tasty! Happy WIAW!

    • Theresa Says:

      I know, its the worst when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling snacky! I highly recommend the coconut, it’s really versatile!

  4. All your meals look delicious. But try that top one with chocolate PB. You will thank me later. ;) Its one of my fave snacks. I like using strawberries, too.
    Nice workout, too. Strive to knock off the 01. lol. am looking forward to getting my run in today.

  5. Maple Almond Butter is my favorite! As always, all of your meals look delicious:) I would be in a food rut too if I made homemade bread…yumm!

  6. Love your eats! Especially that afternoon snack! Justin’s almond butter is my favorite!

  7. runservecook Says:

    I am soo jelous of your eats !

    They all look soo good! Justin’s Maple is my obession(;

  8. That dinner looks seriously delicious!!

  9. It looks like every blogger I read is into Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (including myself). Maybe I should invest! ; )


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