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Santa Barbara Half Marathon November 14, 2013

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I finally did it.

Finished my first Half.

I’ve been wanting to run a half marathon for quite some time and have even signed up for a couple but the timing just never worked out with my back/school/work/etc. SO. I was more than thrilled when the Santa Barbara International Veterans Marathon was approaching and the cards appeared to be aligning. My roommate and I had talked about the possibility of running it but wanted to wait until the last minute to register in case things didn’t work out. She had ran another half a mere 6 days before this one (what a stud!). I never did any formal training and last longest run was 9 miles and about a month ago, but come Tuesday night I found myself registering for the half marathon.


I went for a little jog around da hood Wednesday morning jusssstt to make sure my legs were feeling good. And indeed they were!

I was on my feet all day at work Friday and then had a Kickball game but hit the hay HARD in preparation for the next day’s event. Yes, I take half marathon training incredibly seriously.

We woke up dark and early Saturday morning and did the usual coffee + toast + banana + PB thang. I also gulped down a Cherry Limeade Nuun, I adore those things.

IMG_3392The half marathon itself was nothing short of amazing. My roomie and I met up with our kickball friend at the start. We all had the goal to run somewhere around a 2:00 half and decided to stick together until anyone needed to breakaway. We started out with a 8:15ish pace then settled comfortably around an 8:30. I ate two shot blocks at mile 6 and one more at mile nine, but my stomach just not loving them, so I decided sticking to water and the fluid at the aide stations was a better option. We stuck together for the first 10 miles. AND THEN WE APPROACHED THE HILL of DEATH. I’m being dramatic, it probably wasn’t that much of a climb, but I am definitely NOT used to hills. Our little running group decided to disband at the top of the hill as we saw the 2:00 pacer pass by. After that I was on a mad hunt for that man in the green shirt holding the pace sign. AND FINALLY when we got to the SBCC track where the race ended I caught him.

I finished in 1:59:37 thank you very much! I haven’t been able to steal any incredibly unattractive race pictures from the internet yet, so thankfully I don’t have to subject my loyal readers to that, but I am willing to bet it wasn’t a pretty sight….

Overall, I loved everything about this race. I know that’s not saying much as it is my first half marathon, but still. The course was scenic, the beginning weaves in and out of some neighborhoods in Goleta/Santa Barbara until you reach the hill of death around mile 10. But after that climb you run around the Mesa and then down the Mesa (thank goodness) with some sweet ocean views. I’m also slightly biased because I just love the people and energy of Santa Barbara, but I felt to supported by every volunteer/runner/spectator. The people here are truly the best :)

IMG_3397Post-race we took a nice little ice bath in the wonderful Pacific ocean then walked down the beach and decided to catch the Waterfront Shuttle rather than walking a the 1 mile home. WELL WORTH IT.

Brunch was a given after sweating it out for 2 hours and headed to Scarlett Begonia, which is THEE cutest little cafe that I have been wanting to try forever. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


hydration station


chilaquiles with chorizo

IMG_3405maple bacon biscuit.

Once we stuffed our bellies full, I proceeded to PTFO before working the night shift. I wore my compression socks and even though I was on my feet all night, my legs recovered pretty well! I never really felt sore, just a little tight here and there, which I am very pleased with!

Now which race do I sign up for next?!?


6 Responses to “Santa Barbara Half Marathon”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    uhMAZING!!! I love your style of signing up last minute ;) And what an awesome time too. My parents loved that race and I totally would have signed right up had I been in town. If you are looking for another beach race (maybe not as gorgeous, but still nice), try Huntington Beach Half Sun & Surf. It’s usually Super Bowl weekend and spectacular! I’ve also wanted to do one in Ojai or Sonoma, with wine tasting after.

  2. I think races like that are always the best, where you just kind of jump in and wing it. Sounds like a blast, and man I want that weather!

  3. woot you go girl!! hills in any sort of race always get me.. i never train for them because i got plenty during cross country in high school, and can’t seem to subject myself to that pain unless forced to, haha. i love your outfit too! where’s the top from?

  4. Leigha Says:

    Ahhhh yay! CONGRATS! A half marathon is a huge deal! And with barely any training… you are a natural runner! And you broke 2 hours… that is AWESOME!

  5. Emily Says:

    Um, you are AWESOME! Seriously. Congratulations! I’ve been wanting to run a half for…forever? but I’m always hesitant because I haven’t formally trained for one. Maybe I should just take a hint from you and be spontaneous! haha.

  6. […] so let’s start off with wine, where all good things should start. The day after the half marathon my friends and I decided to take little trip up to Santa Ynez for some wine […]


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