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Getting my Mojo Back January 12, 2014

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Just popping in again! I swear I really do miss giving this ‘ole blog of mine the time of day, but please bear with me as a figure out when/how to fit in blogging. While I try to sort that through, let’s recap Christmas.

Let me first say that not having a formal Christmas Break is weird. No glorious three weeks off? Ugh, I guess this definitely means I am living in the “real world” or whatever you want to call it. I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before heading down to my parents house. Luckily I had a nice string of 5 wonderful days off work, which gave me plenty of time to attempt to get my blogging mojo back. Taking pictures of EVERYTHING is a habit that has slipped away, but all this free time provided some motivation to work that in.


Balboa Bars & Frozen Bananas

Yes, there’s always money in the banana stand. Arrested Development anyone? apparently the banana stand from the TV show did make a brief stop in Balboa last year, but in my opinion, the original Balboa Bar is found at Sugar ‘N’ Spice. Frozen Banana with an everything topping, please.




As a kid, I remember my dad taking my sisters and I to the farmers market whenever we found ourselves in LA. But since the area has become increasingly crowded thanks to the addition of The Grove, I don’t think I had been back in years! I loved perusing all the little shops and trying to absorb the collection of smells coming from each eatery. Noteworthy finds included a refreshing bowl of fruit chalked up with some slightly exotic varieties and meat in the shape of pigs. Oink Oink.

IMG_1079After burning some serious kcals being all touristy and stuff, I was more that ready to chow down. With so many options, I had a hard time choosing, but eventually I decided that I was craving some dirty Greek food. Especially since Santa Barbara is lacking in that department. Tear.



But what Santa Barbara DOES have? Dirty Mexican food. Yes, this beaut of a breakfast burrito was consumed on New Years Day after a crazy night…..of working in the ER. Sometimes when I work the nightshift and stumble home at an ungodly hour, I wake up and feel just as wonderful as one would after a night on the town. It’s a good thing my roommates were on the same page and agreed Super Cucas was in order. The #12 reallllllly hit the spot :)

Favorite food to eat when you are home?


15 Responses to “Getting my Mojo Back”

  1. Ugh, don’t remind me that I’ll probably never get another winter break again in my whole entire life. That thought is making grad school really appealing right about now.

    I love frozen bananas, and whatever that rectangular looking thing is, it also looks amazing.

  2. Greek food is seriously my favorite. Nothing beats the flavors of grape leaves, pita bread and feta cheese. Yummy.

    I’m glad you are starting to get your mojo back. I know that is always a great feeling.

  3. Leigha Says:

    I miss your posts!! All of this food looks seriously yummy. The only experience I have with Greek food is a wrap – it was nasty! maybe I just had a bad one though, because most of it sounds really good to me!

  4. Julie Says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that the weather was good enough to have Balboa Bars!

    I tried to go to The Grove in December, on a Saturday. I quickly gave up but got stuck in all the traffic!

  5. Kaitlin Says:

    Noms, noms, noms. Sometimes coming home for food is just the best kind of deal. Although I’m still craving another one of those Crushcakes salads from SB :) I’ll have to check out that breakfast burrito place next time I’m in town. Balboa bars and bananas are some of my favorite treats and hip hip hooray for the LA Farmer’s Market. Basically good times all around!

    • Dude, its so funny you mention that kale salad! One of my friends was talking about how he has never eaten anything but cupcakes from Crushcakes but has heard AMAZING things about their kale salad. I was right there to confirm that :)

  6. Emily Says:

    It’s so depressing to realize that you’ll never really have a winter or summer “break” again. Adults don’t get those…le sigh.
    At least you’re making the most of this one! And filling it with the most amazing food, of course. I LOVE the LA Farmer’s Market and, even though I live less than 15 minutes away, I don’t make it over there all that often. I need to change that!
    Have a lovely week, girly! xoxo

    • Le Sigh, I know. #grownupproblems. That’s awesome that you live so close to the farmers market! I live so close to the Santa Barbara farmers market as well, but need to make a habit of getting over there more often. I think it is always more fun to explore other cities markets :)

  7. Amen to Super Cucas!!! My favorite <3


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