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Weekend Things January 28, 2014

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Let’s recap the weekend shall we? And by weekend, I mean the one that occurred 2 weeks ago because I have clearly got some catching up to do. IMG_3588

THIS sunrise. I snapped this picture after I got home from 6am bootcamp. If the sweat dripping down my face and muscle shaking workout wasn’t a reward in itself, catching this sunrise definitely made dragging myself out of bed at dark o’thirty worth it. I will always stand by the fact that sunrises >>> sunsets.

IMG_3585Smoothies. I can’t get enough of them. I know most of the country is under a blanket of snow and dealing with below freezing temps and I hate to rub it in, but the weather in Santa Barbara has been SUPREME. Like so supreme, it has been appropriate to go the beach practically everyday since Christmas. #whatdrought. Anywho, this smoothie-in-a-bowl was a mix of papaya, mango, yogurt, and almond milk topped with sliced naners, loads of granola and peanut butter.


Besides this blog, another thing I have been neglecting is my dearest beloved sourdough starter. Don’t fret, I was still feeding fluffy muffy weekly to keep her alive, but I have been seriously slacking on my bread making! I truly missed the smell of tangy sourdough coming out of the oven and my stomach missed those thick slices of crusty bread. I think it is time to rekindle my love of bread making.


After my bread making quota was filled for the week, a couple of my friends and I headed up the coast to Jalama for a little day trip.


I’ll take a Jalama Burger please. With bacon and cheese.IMG_3608

Reason number 234587684569 million why I love the central coast. I will seriously never get bored with views like this. Jalama wasn’t exactly bikini friendly the way Santa Barbara has been recently, but nonetheless, strolling the beach and taking in the beautiful view was just as satisfying.

IMG_3621For Christmas one of my roommates got me a CSA box. Ummm, I know, how perfect/thoughtful/awesome is that present? I got my first delivery and the box was filled to the brim with romaine, spinach, chard, spaghetti squash, leeks, carrots, oranges, apples, AND kiwis. ALL THE PRODUCE! I have since eaten up all the fruit, squash, and some of the greens, but I need inspiration with the leeks and chard?

Does anyone have an awesome recipe that includes chard or leeks. Or better yet, both?


14 Responses to “Weekend Things”

  1. nrashidee Says:

    Theresa- All of this makes me miss Santa Barbara and those January warm spells! I’m so jealous of your produce selection- a lot of the produce here in Bangladesh is treated with formaldehyde to make it last longer. It’s disgusting and a consumer health issue. But hey, when there’s good, non compromised stuff, it’s really really good. Anyways. I love the pictures! Seems like a great start to the new year :)

  2. a csa box is something I have always wished I could afford. I love the idea of forcing myself to try more foods – but on the flip side PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR WEATHER

  3. Kaitlin Says:

    Ahhhh so new plan. I find a job and move to Santa Barbara. Ok, glad that’s been figured out. Now onto your weekends…FABULOUS! I’m actually in a smoothie trend (cold temps don’t scare me) but it’s sort of a problem when it’s a bit too loud for my roommates. Props for getting up for bootcamp! I’m able to do it once in awhile but you sure are right, sunrises are far superior to sunsets (although both are grand in California :) ) Actually thanks to your post last year about the sourdough starter, I gave it to my sister and she is really looking forward to testing it out. Let’s be honest, I’m looking forward to her testing it out so I can eat it :)

  4. Reading your blog always cracks me up. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. We are all so jealous of your weather over here back East…no but really.

  5. Leigha Says:

    SO jealous of your weather! Actually jealous of everything about the weekend. I saw a sunrise a few weeks ago that was beautiful too – I agree, sunrises are better than sunsets! The CSA box sounds awesome too!

  6. pickyrunner Says:

    Yayyy love when you check in! I want to hate you for the weather, but I guess I’ll just live vicariously through you instead ;) I love sourdough. I would be so afraid to attempt making it though haha baking fail… glad you’re enjoying life outside of blogging :)

  7. Jen@PregnantDiabetic Says:

    Oh man, that burger…holy crap! Looks delicious!

  8. Julianna Bananna Says:

    mmm that smoothie bowl and burger look amazing!!! and that CSA box is such a thoughtful gift, sounds like you got a good haul :)

  9. I’m so impressed by your sourdough bread! Niiiice. I got my dad a two-time CSA box subscription for Christmas, and he loved it! Such a fun gift.

  10. All your pictures are gorgeoussss :) Love the first one <3

  11. mizunogirl Says:

    Well the CSA box looks fantastic and I recommend some soup for the Leeks and Chard. But I am most most impressed to see you did Boot Camp…because I’m kinda stalking your blog post back surgery….you are inspiring me to feel better and better about the whole procedure.


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